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6340 Fall 2008 Profiles

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edtc6340 Fall 2008 Participants 


Get to know your classmates and share information about yourself by posting  your photo and a brief bio sketch here. 




Hello all,

My name is Luis Vazquez and I am currently in my 4th semester in the Ed. Tech Program.  I live in Laredo, TX (hooray for distance learning!!) and without this online program it would be almost impossible to work on my Master's degree.  Currently, I work for the Distance Learning department for my local community college as an Instructional Technology Coordinator.  Some of the duties that my job entails include providing training on LMS platforms, helpdesk for students and faculty. 


I look forward to working closely with everyone as we share ideas and build a community of educational technology students.



My name is Scott Amdahl. I was born and raised in Minnesota (go Vikings--sorry Cowboys fans), spent 9 years in the military, and arrived in the RGV as a Teach For America teacher in 1998. In my 10 years in the RGV I have taught 5th grade, HS Technology Applications, and served as the Technology Director for IDEA Academy for 4 years. I am currently the Instructional Technology Coordinator for Weslaco ISD. I plan to stay in Weslaco for many years and hopefully retire there. I am married and have 3 children: Jorge (stepson), Graciela, and Andrew. Andrew was born this year on my birthday during hurricane Dolly. He was a bit on the small side though--only 12lbs and 1 oz. I look forward to working with all of you in our courses.

My name is Veronica Baca.  I live in Harlingen Texas and this will be my 8th course within ED. Tech. Program.  I've been married for 3 years to Manuel Baca who is a PE Coach at IDEA Academy at San Benito.  I currently work at Sharyland ISD as a PE Coach/ Tech Rep.  I've been in education for nearly 6 years and would like to continue within the Administrative Section.  I hope to graduate and begin my Administrative Degree by Spring 09.  Looking forward to this semester and can't wait to learn more of Tech.  Good luck all! 


  Hey hey,

My name is Rogelio Ramos but you can all me Roy, Roger or really what you feel comfortable with.  I have lived in Donna, TX most of my life.  This will be my 4th year teaching middle school math at AP Solis Middle School in Donna. I am going for the MTT certification which I hope to finish within the year. Depending how this goes and my finances allow I will pursue the Med as well. My goal is to move into Instructional Technology.

 Hello everyone! Yes, I am using the same picture I have for the past six classes. It was from when I first started teaching. You don't want to see the gray hair I have now. My name is Liza Moreno, and I am from Laredo, Texas. I recently changed teaching positions. I was with Laredo ISD, teaching seventh grade Language Arts. Now I am with UISD teaching sixth grade English. My goal is to eventually acquire a position at the main office as a technology coordinator or anything related to instructional technology. Wish me luck!

Hello, my name is Aida Cantu. I am currently employed with Donna ISD and teach 3rd grade at Stainke Elementary. This will be my 5th year teaching. This is the first time that I take an online course. My goal is to design and interactive website for ELL's and to incorporate technology into my classroom.


In October, I will celebrate my 6th year wedding anniversary. I have a very handsome son, Roel Maximo.


I look forward to working with all of you.

Hi all, my name is Armando Arechiga, and I am fifth grade teacher at Bentsen Elementary in the Sharyland ISD.  I grew up in McAllen (Memorial '82) but lived in Arizona and Colorado for about 18 years. But, wouldn't you know it, what I was out in the world searching for was right here in McAllen.  You see, I met and married my wonderful wife just about a year after I decided to move back to the RGV.  Our family is blessed with two lovely girls, and a baby on the way!  I have been fascinated with all things internet ever since I watched the first images beamed back from mars by the Pathfinder mission.  It's hard to believe that was 1997.  I will be pursuing the MTT certification and am looking to become an instructional technologist.

Rebecca McKinley

I teach developmental reading and English classes at a community college, and have a very busy fall. These courses are fairly scripted in that they rely heavily on textbooks, but I try to incorporate technology where I can. This semester I have a class that has a computer, projector, and a document camera, so I hope to use that a lot in the classroom. It is very difficult to have my students complete online activities because their computer skills vary so greatly. Some of them may never have used a computer before, so typing a paper or checking email is intimidating and difficult. Because teaching six classes and commuting two hours a day isn't enough, this fall I am also teaching knitting for two to three hours a week. This is more like play, though, because I love fiber and it is rare to find me without yarn and needles, or, if if possible, my spinning wheel.

Raquel Hello my name is Raquel Cantu.  I am an Instructional Technology Specialist with McAllen Independent School District.  As an IT specialist, we have the job of studying and learning any new hardware and software that is purchased by the district.  After learning how to use the software/hardware we are in charge of presenting and training teachers and administrators on how to integrate it into their classrooms. 


I am currently enrolled as a Distance Learning Student with the University of Texas Brownsville.  I am working on obtaining my Masters in Educational Technology. 


I earned my Bachelors Degree from the University of Texas Pan American as a Bilingual Teacher.  I also have an Associates Degree from South Texas College as a Networking Specialist.  I was an Elementary teacher for 10 years (1st and 2nd grade) before deciding that I wanted to do something more within the educational field, thus began my career as an IT Specialist.

Renato Martinez 


Hello my name is Renato Martinez. 



I am currently the Internet Specialist for Donna High School.  This is my second year at Donna ISD.  I have worked with or around computer since I was about sixteen and I wish I knew everything about computers.  Anyhow, I enjoy working with student and faculty and would like to help our schools in Donna up to speed with the use of technology and that is what brings me to getting my MTT certification.    I would like to continue my education until I get my Phd in Education Technology in order to be able to move up in my district or to be able to teach at the college level. 


I have been happily married to my beatiful wife Melissa and I am a the  Father of 2 cute little girls named Renata and Hazel, they are 3 and 1 years of age respectfully.  The reason I am back in the Valley is due to my wife, I always tell her she brought me back down here when I was trying to get away.  Nonetheless I am glad she got me here as I have not had any better support for my education than that which she has given me and I would also not be in the education field had I not been here.


I have many hobbies which I anxiously wait to do on the weekends, since I am currently taking 4 college courses and I have little time to do them.  However, when I do have some spare time I like to tinker with computers, build robots, build legos ( I am a LEGO Freak), playing video games, especially World of Warcraft, collecting Star Wars and Lord of the Rings props and replicas, and last rebuilding old cars.  My Favorite cars are from the 1940's but to be specific I love 1947 Chevy coupes and 1947 Pontiac Sedans.  I cant wait to get my hands on a second one to rebuild it. 


I know it said a brief bio here, I should mention that my major was originally going to be English and Literature Research.


Good luck to all this semester.  






Hello everyone!!


My name is Lori Ann Martinez, I am a pre-kindergarten teacher at M.Rivas Elementary for Donna ISD. This is my 9th year teaching pre-kindergarten and loving every moment.  I love to see my students facial expression when we use the smart board in my classroom.  I am married to a wonderful man and have two daughters a 15 year old named Amanda and Lauryn who is 2 years old. I am currently pursuing my MTT certification and then hope to finish my Master in Educational Technology. These are my first online course so I hope to do well.........


Good luck and bye

Hello, my name is Julian Moron.  I live in Edinburg, Texas.  I am a BCIS teacher at Edcouch-Elsa High School (9-12).  I am currently taking classes to get my MTT certification, and hoping to eventually get my Masters in Educational Technology.  I have a business degree in management.  I went back to school at UTPA to get my teaching certification.  I am hoping to get new ideas that I can use in my classroom and share with my students.




Hello all!  I am Kay Groves from Arlington and a fairly new resident to Texas, which is why I'm not working.  I've been in the process of having my Oklahoma teaching license and certifications reviewed by SBEC, and was recently informed I would need to take the pedogogy/professional, business, and technology certification tests. This is a real dummer since I took these tests 10 years ago, and have 8-years of teaching experience! In Oklahoma City I taught Business & IT in a large 6A high school, which has contributed to my MTT pursuit.  Teaching in a computer lab can be most agonizing since my goals and the students' goals are misaligned (database skills vs. Internet poker)!

I'm looking forward to the class and reading your bio's.  I am married to a high school principal and have a 7th grade son and a 25 year old son.  Best wishes. Kay


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