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6340 Fall 2009 Project 2 - Component 2

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Please ADD your FULL NAME followed by the URL (hyperlink) to your Multimedia (PPT) Presentation below.


Yolanda Martinez

XP Format for non Office 2007 Users: edtc6340_ymartinez_project2.xps,

Office 2007 Users edtc6340_ymartinez_project2wVideoSlide.pptx, or

Access PBWiki at http://ymartinezelectronicportfolio.pbworks.com/EDTC+6340+-+Chavez#Module2


Charles Rich

Word Version http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/crich/EDTC_6340/EDTC_6340_module2_CRich.ppt

If all else fails here's a zip file with the presentation and audio files: http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/crich/EDTC_6340/EDTC_6340_module2_CRich.zip


Lilian Villarreal 




My Mission Statement In Word

http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/lvillarreal/My Mission.doc


Kimberly Kay Ramsey


http://sites.google.com/site/kimramseysite/chavez    Please make sure you click on the link that says "project 2 revised."



Coral Palmer


My Mission Stgatement in Word:



Margo Salas


Alberto Guevara



Nancy Acuña









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