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Julieta Montes


Technology is a great tool to help students become effective 21st century learners, but how can we break the boundaries? Even educators are not enough prepared to this new technology and information era.





Martin Rodriguez

The creation of these “How to Clips” will better prepare our students, thus making it easier for them to navigate through our complex webpage. 





Julie Parker-Garza:


Problems with education can be helped by the use of technology in the classroom. We as educators need to get the students (our future) prepared for the real world and what they may encounter. There are a number of technology resources in schools, but some of them are overlooked, and not used.







Jenna Springfield: 

Technology, when integrated in age-appropriate ways, can be used by homeschool parents 

to help their children become life-long learners and creators of new ideas. 




Griselda Garcia:


Better ways of integrating technology in an elementary school.  This project includes interviews with all grade level teachers and research that supports why teachers need to use technology in the classroom.





Emily Moore

Students aren't the same as they were a generation ago. Conditioned from birth to respond primarily to electronic stimuli, reaching them is a challenge that--in some cases--can best be accomplished through computerized instruction.




Fred Kaplan

Improving digital literacy with the MyPima Content Management system on the Pima Community College campus.


Presentation with audio track:




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