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6341 Fall 2009 Profiles

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edtc6341 MTT Student-Centered Learning Fall 2009 participants 


Get to know your classmates and share information about yourself by posting  your photo and a brief bio sketch here.


Hello everyone.  This is me (Dr. Butler) sitting in from of my printer getting ready to work. Seems about all I do is work on one thing or another. The few times I am not working, I like to hang out with my cats and work on renovating my home.  Those all keep me very busy.  Look forward to getting to know all of you this semester.

Paola A. Villalón-Perezsandi

Currently, I am a Bilingual Elementary Teacher in North East ISD located in San Antonio, TX. I have taught for 9 years out of which 4.5 were in Brownsville and 4.5 are where I am today. For 2 years, I was the Webpage Coordinator for my campus and part of the Technology Committee that conducts trainings to the staff. I am not currently on the Tech Committee anymore, but still asked (by the staff themselves) to help out with trainings. I am very excited to be almost done with my M.Ed. in Educational Technology where I also hope to receive the Master Technology Teacher Certification. I am married, have a two year old, beautiful baby boy and a precious little girl on the way. I want to learn as much as I can from my classmates and hopefully I'll be able to share what I know about technology.

Hi, my name is Melissa Palestro. This is my second course in the Ed Tech program. I’m a freelance managing editor for an editorial service in Poughkeepsie, New York. I edit math, science and ELA assessments and ancillaries. I’ve been in educational publishing for 10 years. I took a year off from publishing before my first child was born and taught pre-first. I’d like to return to the classroom when my children are in school full time. I have three children. My daughter is six and my sons are three.


Hello, my name is Gabriela Peña.  I have been teaching at Harlingen High School for the past 5 years.  Throughout these five years I have been given the opportunity to teach various courses in the mathematics field: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus.  I really enjoy my job and the unity that all 27 teachers in the mathematics department have.  I have been given the opportunity to be the Algebra II team leader for the past 3 years.  I am currently working with 13 out of our 27 teachers under my team.  Having such an opportunity really helps me keep my people and math skills sharp.  My goals are to complete my Masters in Educational Technology and get MTT certification.

Howdy! My name is Yolanda Martinez from Weslaco, Texas.  As you can see I have three wonderful children, Sean, Nathan, and Dakotah; a loving supportive husband who is not pictured, he was holding the camera of course.  I am an administrator as a Supervisor for Career and Technology and have many years of experience as a classroom teacher and adjunct faculty with South Texas College.  Within the school district that I work at I also assist our Technology Department with staff developments on technology and wish to enhance my expertise on emerging technologies and the model of integrating technology.  My family believes I am a jack of all trades, because of all of my hobbies, such as baking commercial cakes, photography, my use of technology, and yes crocheting/sewing when possible.  The latest hobby added is running long distance in hopes of eventually running a marathon. Welcome everyone and excited to meet you.




Hello, my name is Julieta Montes and I am very glad to be part of the MTT program.  I am from Mexico City and currently I live in Austin, TX.  I work as a workshop trainer.  My work experience is mostly in technology area but I hope to learn from all of you in both, education and technology fields. This is my second semester at UTB, I know it will be challenging but amazing.

                                        I am a 3rd grade teacher in Rockwall, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas. I have been married to a wonderful husband, Robert, for the past 4 years. We have been apart for the last 2 because he was working in Afghanistan, so we are practically newlyweds. (he is home now) I have one son Patrick who is 12. I have 2 stepdaughters who are now grown.  This is my first attempt at any ed tech courses, but I work in a district that is very involved in technology in the classroom (we have 5 laptops in each class for students to share) so I am eager to learn as much as I can so that I may pass it on to my peers and students.  My hobbies include reading and riding with my husband on his Harley. I am looking forward to working with you and learning with you. Please please be patient with me as I am true newbie. 



Hello , my name is Lilian Villarreal, I was born and grew up in Monterrey, N.L. Now, I am a teacher at PSJA High School in San Juan, TX. I am second year teacher, and I teach English Language Arts II and IV. I have also taught English Taks classes for freshman and sophomores.  This is my first year at UTB, and I am trying to succeed in the MTT program. I really hope I can very soon learn to integrate all these wonderful technology tools into my classroom. I look forward to learning from all of you and helping each other out in anything that anyone needs.



Hi!  My name is Elvia Villafranca-Silva and I was born and raised in Harlingen, Texas. In the scanned photo you see my late husband sitting to my right, me holding my daughter Mercedes, my step daughter Erica who just graduated from Medical School, and my step son Carlos. I am a single mother now but have truly been blessed with not only two wonderful step kids but a beautiful daughter named Mercedes as well. She definitely keeps me young and fills my life with continuous joy.  She is very sociable, intelligent, and an energetic child. 

Currently I am employed at Texas State Technical College and am currently working on transitioning from higher education to public education.  Looking forward to making a switch from technical to a Bilingual elementary classroom.  Also, looking forward to finishing my M.Ed in Educational Technology fairly soon.

Hello! My name is Yvette Perez and I work as a Development Research Associate at UTB.  I am the mother of three children. I am working towards completing the ED TECH program this Fall and am beyond excited. I have enjoyed the program and it's courses. I look forward to this semester and all that it may offer.  Hello, my name is Margo Salas and I am from Brownsville, Texas. I am currently half way through the Ed Tech Program and hopefully will finish in Summer 2010. I am a Systems Analyst at the University of Texas at Brownsville. Looking forward to this class.
Please add your photo and a brief bio here. Please add your photo and a brief bio here.
Please add your photo and a brief bio here. Please add your photo and a brief bio here.
Please add your photo and a brief bio here. Please add your photo and a brief bio here.
Please add your photo and a brief bio here. Please add your photo and a brief bio here.
Please add your photo and a brief bio here. Please add your photo and a brief bio here.







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