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After reading the above articles, answer the following questions on this page:


In 1998, Hope wrote that technology will have been definitively integrated into schools when "teachers are routinely using computers and related technology to accomplish their work and facilitate students' learning." Until that happens, Hope stated that we must face the reality that while technology is available in schools, very little has changed in the way teachers teach (p. 1). This article was written 10 years ago. Using support from the article and your personal experiences, discuss whether we have made any progress in those ten years.


Ertmer suggests that a teacher's pedagogical beliefs are critical to the use technology in the classroom. What is the link between belief and practices? How can knowing this impact you as you begin to develop instruction for teachers as an MTT?


Be sure to include your name in your post.

Kay Groves -  article response


Miguel Molina




Tammy O'Berry-Koons

Responses: http://www.wes-media.com/wiki/index.php?title=Module_3_Responses 


Rogelio Ramos:    http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/rramos/rramos_edtc6343_module3.pdf


Liza Moreno - Module 3 Questions


Veronica Baca: article response


Lori Martinez - http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/lmartinez1/edtc6342_lmartinez_response.pdf


Linda Garza- http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/hgarza/myweb/EDTC6343/module3_responses.pdf



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