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Copyright Resources

Page history last edited by Whitney Kilgore 10 years, 8 months ago

As MTT or educational technology specialist, you must be cognizant of the latest in copyright issues.  This page provides resources that are available online and "safe" for you to use.  If in doubt, check before you use.  The links will provide you information so that you can teach yourself and others.


This is a nice location to begin your studies.


UT provides a nice tutorial and some quizzes  from which you can build a workshop.


Do a search for copyright and find tons of stuff – probably more than you will ever want.  You may have to register – but registration is free. This is a good resource for writing abstracts in your research course or to keep you posted on the latest in Ed Tech. The Copyright on the side menu bar has tools for administrators and technology leaders as well as a nice section for grants.

This contains a nice, easy to follow chart to give to teachers.


For a fun quiz – give this at an inservice.


Remember, you are in the role of responsible technology leader – so it is important for you to know the law.

Additional resources for teachers.


This site contains:

  • Resource kits for projects – to help eliminate copyright issues with students
  • Loads of links for copyright free resources
  • Detailed how-to on the LOC
  • This will keep you busy for MONTHS… 

Good information about open source.


Look: Building on the Past and Reticulum Rex


“Tutorial” about Creative Commons


All the fine print for lawyerly types


Other resources

http://www.sxc.hu (have at it!!)

http://www.freefoto.com (be careful – read the fine print)




http://www.stockedphotos.com (sorta cheap)


Search engine for Creative Commons:   http://search.creativecommons.org/

Add other sources here if you find them. 

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