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Coral's Design Challenge Three

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Design Challenge Three



The FACTS Model of Design

Teachers as Designers: A Cinquain Poem

TEACHER Facilitator Originator, Creator Architect, Author, Inventor Structuring, Providing, Coaching, Planning Pioneer

Teachers as Designers: A Diamente Poem

TEACHER Facilitator Persuader, Designer, Structuring, Provisioning, Orchestrating Originator, Architect, Presenter, Lecturer Reading, Assessing, Instructing Traditional, Conventional Tutor

The FACTS Model: A Summary

Well, FACTS really work! It actively engages the learner in what they need the most. It supports and enhances learning ideas or concepts, great for assessment!

The F is for Foundations

Students to be successful need a solid foundation of basic literacy, computer skills, thinking skills, creative thinking,decision making, problem solving, personal qualities and competencies.

The A is for Activity

Engaging students in activities is essential and integral. These will help students become competent with cognitive, memory, metacognition, problem solving. Anchored instruction creates this activates.

The C is for Content

Learning the Contents which lie in the core subjects in curriculum, conceptas, disiplines and practices enable students to be knowledgeable, literature and use information correctly.

The T is for Tools

Enhanced learning is best supported with the following tools; Books, Videos, Computer Software, Computer Graphics, Word Editors, Databases, Telecommunication, Internet, Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Mathematical Devices.

The S is for Systems of Assessment

A variety of alternative assessment strategies combine d to assess a wide range multiple nature students’ learning, influence the overall success of a learning design.


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