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Design for Using Information

Page history last edited by Julian Moron 11 years, 8 months ago

Searching for Information:  Students will search for information using the certain websites provided to them, as well as the school library. Students will be researching different careers that they find interesting.


Sorting and Judging Information:  Students will need to sort all of the information available to them about different careers.  They must judge what they feel is most important to them about a certain career.  They must then decide if the aspects of the career fit with the lifestyle that they want to lead.


Creating and Communicating ideas and concepts:  Based on their research students will be able to create ideas about a certain career field.  Students will have a chance to communicate with someone working in that field and hear first hand information about that career.  After interviewing someone in that career field, the student may come away with a different view of the career.


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