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EDTC6341 Veronica Baca Design Challenge #3

Page history last edited by Veronica Baca 12 years, 1 month ago

EDTC 6341: Veronica Baca

Design Challenge #3

The FACTS Model of Design

Teachers as Designers: A Cinquain Poem


Attentive, Helpful Facilitating,

Planning, Guiding Caring,

Energetic, Motivating, Enthusiastic


Teachers as Designers: A Diamente Poem


Patience, Creative

Leading, delegating, facilitating

Empathetic, passionate, inspired, motivated


The FACTS Model: A Summary

F is for the founding knowledge students must learn and have.

A is for the activities that will construct ideas and produce results.

C is for the something that must be associated towards learning.

T is for all the tools that will assist in students’ learning.

S is for the method of assessment performed by students to evaluate learning among all students.

The F is for Foundations

Foundations of Learning:

What students need to learn and know,

to link the world with meaning,

to grow beyond with feeling, to problem solve with methodology,

and prepare for the use of technology.

The A is for Activity

Students becoming actively engaged,

exploring authentic practices,

relating to their cultural tactics, while connecting ideas and producing results,

and sharing their success to their adults.

The C is for Content

The something of learning can be yearning,

Students’ interests can be an option,

However, highly recommended standards became an adoption,

Creating something must having meaning,

or you and your colleagues will be convening.

The T is for Tools

Tools that support learning in creative ways,

Books and films were the good old days,

Drill and practice one of these days,

Software preparing to take aim,

Emailing doing the same,

Internet and technology taking their claim.

The S is for Systems of Assessment

Preparing assessment for determining learning,

Which form can be concerning,

Teacher made objective tests create no results,

Standardized tests are an insult,

Rubrics support individual and collective production,

Portfolios support students’ overall construction,

Assess with new through the course of instruction.


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