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Emily Moore

Page history last edited by Emily Moore 11 years, 10 months ago
  1. Please list the courses you have completed thus far.

EDTC 6329 – Selected Topic (Trends)

EDCI 6304 – Learning and Cognition

EDTC 6320 – Instructional Technology

PMCH 6381 – Introduction to Research

EDTC 6321 – Instructional Design 

  1. What is your subject matter expertise or interest?  In other words, what do you do well and what are you interested in learning more about?  

I’m good (and quick) at researching and writing, especially on software- and business-related topics.  I’m particularly interested in usability as it relates to online curricula, and pedagogical approaches to teaching and assessing effectively in an online environment.

  1. Please specify grade level you would be most interested in working on (if you are in K-20) or what industry you would be interested in working with?

I can go a number of ways here.  My background is in writing for adult learners, and I’ve got quite a bit of experience in corporate settings—so corporate training would be a natural fit.  But I’m eager to branch out, too.  I’m spending a lot of time these days researching elementary education (pre-K to 6) to prepare myself for my daughter’s education, so this would be an attractive option.  On the other hand, I’d also be interested in working with higher grades (particularly college-level) and non-profit institutions (for the experience of working with diverse audiences).

  1. What technologies are you competent/expert in using?

Over the years, I’ve either used or written for publication about all of the following.  I’m more proficient at some tools/technologies than others; basically, the stuff I’ve used most recently (for example, PowerPoint, Camtasia, and Flash) is the stuff I’m most comfortable with. I tend to pick new apps up pretty quickly.  Acrobat, ADA (section 508), business intelligence, C, C++, Camtasia, Collage, CRM, Dreamweaver, digital music creation and online distribution, e-commerce, e-publishing, Excel, Facebook, Fireworks, Flash, FrontPage, HTML, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, JavaBeans, Java application servers, JBMS, JDBC, Netscape Application Server, Netscape Navigator/Composer, online banking, online shopping, Oracle Application Server, PageMaker, Photoshop, PowerPoint, remote data synchronization, server-side JavaScript, SilverStream, SQL, SyncKit, digital video production and post-production, Web application load testing, Web 2.0 applications (including blogs, wikis, and social networking services), Windows, Word, user interface design, Unix, XML.

  1. Are you familiar with any CMSs. If yes, which ones?

Blackboard is the only CMS with which I have experience (both as a student and as an instructor), although I wouldn’t say I’m an expert by any means.

  1. What would you like to accomplish by the end of this course?

Ideally, I’d like to create a useful learning object that’s put into service by the end of the course.  And I’d like to stretch!  I’m thrilled with what I’ve learned in this degree program so far, but I’m eager to go further—in terms of learning and applying effective pedagogical principles, working with a SME, and in taking advantage of new (to me) apps where appropriate.

  1. What additional information would you like to share with me that may help to better match you with a client?

As a freelancer, I’m used to pickup work.  I’m also used to collaborating remotely, and I’m a bulldog when it comes to hitting deadlines.  A client who has clear requirements—or who is willing to hammer out a set early in the process—would be a dream come true.

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