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MTT resources and study guides

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University of Texas at Brownsville
80 Fort Brown, EDBC 1.310
Brownsville, TX 78520


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Texas STaR Chart

Texas Technology Plan, 2006 - 2020

Welcome: The resources below will assist you as you grow in your role as a Master Technology Teacher


Suggestions - outlines for Case Studies


Ramon Cortina: 882-5749


emails: Ms. Martinez -aggie519@gmail.com

            Ms. Evans -mevans.utb.edu@gmail.com

            Dr. Butler - janice.butler@utb.edu


Practice tests prepared by Butler - Case Studies, PPT and Excel (based on test prep manual)

tutorials: http://edtc6343.pbworks.com/w/page/59323332/Excel%20tutorials


Good Case Study Examples: Sample Exam Answers


Case Study Brainstorming Exercise


MTT Vocabulary Database


MTT Case Study Requirements - PowerPoint that discusses the requirements for the MTT case study. We have also found that following this format is very helpful as you begin mentoring other teachers as they begin to integrate technology in their classes.

Practice Multiple Choice Test Questions to Review:


MTT Competencies - Complete list of what you are expected to know for the MTT exam as well as in your role as an MTT.

  • Great site for anti-aliasing and transparent gifs!! <<<---
  • Raster vs. Vector graphics here<<<---
  • Why and when you should use serif vs. san serif fonts nicely explained here <<<---

PowerPoint Presentation on Codecs.

These study guides and games were prepared by students in the the MTT program at University of Texas Brownsville. Please leave a comment below if you found them to be useful to you.

prepared by graduate students in the Master Technology Teachers Program at the
University of Texas Brownsville


Competency 001 - Knowledge and application of technology related terminology and concepts


STUDY GAMES: Competency 001

Competency 001 G-H Game by Josie Mendoza

Competency 001 G-H Game by Saul Mendiola

Competency 001: L-M Game by: Yadira Flores

Competenency 001: A-C Game by: Brian Martinez (see also TechTerms.com)

Competency 001: D,G, I by Sarah Pettus

Competency 001 J-M by M. Voth

RESOURCES: Study Guide

Search engine for computer and internet terms Sarah Pettus

Glossary of terms for producing videos Sarah Pettus

Glossary of internet terms Sarah Pettus

Competency 002 - Basic strategies and techniques for using graphics and animation




RESOURCES: Great site

Competency 003 - Basic strategies and technologies related to Web site mastering.

STUDY GAMES: Competency 003  C3 Scatter C3 Space Race

           Zondle Game for MTT 003 A - D http://www.zondle.com/cdl.aspx?qp=412360&a=934 by E. Everett              
MTT Competencies 003 / 004 - MTT Resources.docx by Elizabeth Everett

Competency 004 - Basic strategies and techniques for using video technology

STUDY GAMESCompetency 004 F-G(ACavazos) Spring2013; Competency 004; Competency 004 Fall'09; Competency 004 Game 1; (Karen Arrington) and Competency 004 Game 2 (Karen Arrington) Competency 004 f-g Game ( Pedro Torres)Competency 004 game A & B(Amanda Sonnier, 2014) Competency 004:A&B Game (Jeannine Freeman, Fall 2014)Competency 004: F-G) game (Nora Medrano Fall 2014)  Competency 004 F-G (Crystal Lee Fall 2014)
: Web Resources  Fall'09 Web Resources (Jeannine Freeman Fall 2014) Resources A&B (Amanda Sonnier, 2014) Resources Elvin Flores  Phases of Video Production Crystal Lee (Fall 2014)  Video Production Glossary Crystal Lee (Fall 2014)

Competency 005 - Knowledge of tools to use for supporting work in problem-solving situations



: Web Resources; Web Resources Fall'09 More Web Resources

Web Resources (Hillary Parrish Fall 2014)

Competency 006 - Knowledge of how to communicate in different formats for various audiences

STUDY GAMES: Competency 006; Competency 006 by Cynthia Balderas

                        Competency 006 E-G By Melizza Garcia

                        Space Race  by Jessica Burnias

                         Index Cards Competency 006 by Conrado Gonzalez

                        Competency 006 B,F by M. Voth


                         Screencast by Conrado Gonzalez-Spring 2013

Competency 007 - Knowledge of how to communicate in different formats for various audiences




By: Heather Luna

Flashcards for Comp 007 K-L Adam Hovde

Fun Way to Learn Vocab.! for 007:C-D by: Isabel Cabrera 

http://quizlet.com/15180686/competency-007-i-flash-cards/  by Maribe Gracia

 http://quizlet.com/_907v0 Competency 007 study game: J by Romel Palomares

Competency 007: E Quiz by Vincent Briseno

http://classtools.net/widgets/quiz_4/Dl3za.htm by Elva Mendoza

 Competency 007 Bullets 1-9 by Jim Higgs; Competency 07 Bullets 10-18  by Sheri Higgs

Competency 007 J, K, and L (Kevin Spurgin)

Competency 007: A-D (Nora Medrano Fall 2014) 

Competency 005:  B  by Hillary Parrish (Fall 2014)


Competency 007:E PowerPoint Resource by Vincent Briseno

Competency 007:E Reliability vs Validity by Vincent Briseno

Competency 007: E Reliability vs Validity II by Vincent Briseno

Competency 007-J Resources by Romel Palomares

Additional resources for Instructional Design_6343_Valree_Martinez.docx for 007 A& B

Competency 007 J, K, and L (Kevin Spurgin)

Competency 007:  J-L Hillary Parrish Fall 2014




Competency 008 - How to implement and assess technology-enhanced instruction to meet diverse needs of all students


 Study Guide Competency 008- E-G.pptx By Marivel Rivera Garcia 

Vocabulary Game: Link to Competency 008 E.doc by Marivel Rivera Garcia



RESOURCES: Web Resources by Aide Gonzalez 

Assessment Terminology by Sarah Pettus

K-12 needs  Math & science  Reading Rockets 25 Assistive Technologies by Maria Ing

Competency 009 - How to colloborate with colleagues to facilitate the implementation of research-based instruction

STUDY GAMES: Competency 009; Competency 009 ;

Competency 009 http://classtools.net/widgets/quiz_3/QqYyI.htm by Adriana G. Hernandez

Competency 010 - How to provide professional development and support through mentoring, modeling, coaching and consulting.

STUDY GAMES: Competency 010; Competency 10; Competency 010 by Julie Parker-Garza

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