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Page history last edited by elvia silva 11 years ago

Elvia’s Murder Mystery Notes:




Forensic evidence from Dornob


Trace on cell message from Ima Bimbeaux




Officer Swartz with Enigma Police Station interviews Haff Note and records statement day after regarding death of Simon P. Ano.


Haff Note is Ano’s business partner and closet friend much like brothers.

Haff Note takes meds for Bipolar.


Haff Note, business partnership of three musicians. Simon, Lyan, Note.  Lyan most like a business partner than a musician.  (Simon and Note composers and musicians.)


Profitable business.


Good working relationship with Ano regardless of Notes Bipolar illness diagnosed 12 years prior.


Pills found in Ano’s room belonged to Note.


According to Notes, Ano’s wife Golda was having an affair with Vios?


Ano had pushed Golda with Vios unknowingly about affair.  Also, Ano asked wife Golda to kill him several times but she got hysterical when it was mentioned.  Ano wanted to die since he could not compose or play music anymore.


Ano was not feeling like wanting to die before he died because Vios mentioned SoundBeam and was very excited about the Les Makadee Concert? 

What is SoundBeam?


Haff Note comments that he had been composing on his own but that folks really ant to see Simon’s name again, his (Simon’s) talent.


According to Haff Note:  Golda happy and worried at same time about Simon who might slip back to depressive state if things did not work out.


Simon’s relationship with Vios was good friends for many years.


Business trusted Vios to handle all the money; etc.


Note was in New York planning for the concert and could provide names of the people he was with.





From Sheriff Sharp to Dornob Dumas

Sheriff finds cold case file which was misfiled.  Sheriff talks to detective on scene that they determined the brake line was cut and suspected it was intentional.  Based on amount of brake fluid when car was discovered seemed to indicate brake line was sliced and leaked while car was driven. Leads led nowhere.  Ano finally wakes and could not recall anything.





Officer Sam Jones interviews Ano’s wife Golda Digger on day of death.


Golda and Vios get up early on the morning of Simon’s death to review books regarding royalties from Vios music and other things?  Also were reviewing household expenses.


Soon after 8 a.m. Vios and Golda see Ima run out of Ano’s room very upset she informed Vios Simon was dead.  Golda almost fainted and Vios helped her downstairs.


Vios and Ima went into Ano’s room and Golda stays downstairs until police arrive.


Golda mentioned Vios was business partner to her husband and good family friend.  Vios had set up the concert at Carnegie Hall in 2000.  Vios encouraged Simon who was depressed since accident.


Golda considers Vios a friend who attends concerts with her on behalf of Simons request.


Golda and husband very happy relationship.


Simon very happy since Lyan Vios found out about SoundBeam.


Simon was last seen by Golda at bedtime.  Golda went to bed at midnight which was about the time she kissed Simon goodnight.


Golda doesn’t state when Vios left only that he was in early around 6 a.m. the next morning to go over the books with her and they went downstairs at around 7 a.m. the day of Simon’s discovered death.


Golda states Ano has life insurance and a will which he just changed last month to make her his sole beneficiary.


Golda states that the cell phone found in Simons room belongs to Ima.  Ima carries the phone everywhere.



At this point not enough sound evidence and we should consider everything and continue to investigate/research all possible angles as needed.


Perhaps his pump malfunctioned or some tampered with it?  See link below!!



I’m not too sure if I would rule out Haff Note since he might have been jealous of Simons talent; etc.  He did make a comment about that during his statement and even though he was not in town he was in Simon’s room the day before when he dropped his meds.  Perhaps Note was tired of being second to Ano?  Let’s consider who stands to benefit more from Ano’s death?



Also, what about Ima Bimbeaux perhaps she goofed with the monitoring of the pump; etc. 


Team, I feel it still somewhat premature to determine who done it.  Have we carefully reviewed all forensic evidence?  How about  other clues which may still be provided to us?



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