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Post your final exam skills apps here

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 Post your skills apps links here.



profit_practice_problem_3.xls   Kay Groves

practice_test3_final.ppt  Kay Groves


EDTC6343PowerPointFinalExam.ppt Veronica Baca


Marco Gonzalez   PowerPoint   Case Study-pdf


Lori Martinez - Final PPT 


Miguel Molina- practice_test3_final_miguelmolina.ppt



Liza Moreno - http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/lmoreno/EDTC6343_PowerPoint3Final_LizaMoreno.ppt    

Liza Moreno - EDTC6343_Excel3_LizaMoreno.xls 


Armando Arechiga  practice_test3_final.ppt

Final Case Study



Rogelio Ramos- Final PPT

                         Final Excel



Linda Garza-Final Exam


PowerPoint Portion: http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/hgarza/myweb/EDTC6343/practice_test3_final.ppt


Excel Spreadsheet Portion: http://komodo.utsystem.edu/med/hgarza/myweb/EDTC6343/profit_practice_problem_3.xls


Charlie Templeton and Fabian Salcedo



The project videos individually.








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