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Ed Tech Student Blogs

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Take a look at Ed Tech Student Blogs

University of Texas at Brownsville


Albert Guevara - Ed Tech Resources

Billy Edgerton - Three Rivers Collaboration Project

Blanca Pena - PACEnet News

Candy Baez - CB Educational Sandbox

Carla McLain - Teaching Online

Danny Lopez - Donna ISD Soccer Coaches

Dawn Quinn - Trends in Higher Ed

Diana Cedillo- Web Tech 2.0

Eddie Mathews - Tivy Tech Blog

Esteban Trevino - 1Note2Many Education Blog

Jessica Pettyjohn - Ed Tech Express 

John Cecil - John Cecil

Kari Knisely - Technology Driven Teachers

Leon Hudson - Texas Education Exchange

Mari Stevens - UTB Graduate Studies Blog

Miguel Rangel - Mike's Blog

Ric Soria - Sauceda Seminole Library

Rosemary Roberts - FBS Library Spot

Raul Gracia - Technology Info Share Blog for Educators

Saida Sanchez - Saida Reviewing Children's Literature

Tamara Remhof - Library InfoShare

Juan Felix - JFScience website

Juan Felix - JFScience Blog

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