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EDTC 6320 - Instructional Technology - Fall 2010

Page history last edited by Janice Wilson Butler 10 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to the opening page of EDTC 6320.


This page will contain links to all pages that you will need for your course this semester.


6320 Fall 2010 Photo and Bio Sketch Page - please post your photo and biographical sketch here.


6320 Fall 2010 Technology Orientation Page - Please post the URL for your technology orientation Power Point here.


6320 Fall 2010 ePortfolio - Post the link to your ePortfolio wiki here. 


6320 Fall 2010 Project 3 - Please post the URL for your Project 3


6320 Fall 2010 Collaborative Project (Project 4) - Please sign up here for your collaborative project team members, wiki name and presentation times here.


6320 Fall 2010 Article 2 Summaries - please locate your assigned chapter and post your summaries here.


6320 Fall 2010 Research Paper - Please post the URL for your research paper here.


6320 Fall 2010 Response to Archived Sessions - Post your reponse to archived Elluminate sessions here.

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