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Marco Alonso Web 2_0 definition

Page history last edited by Marco Alonso 9 years, 5 months ago

Web 2.0 Definition

Web 2.0 is a group of web base tools that using them independently just work as the way they were made for, but combining them allow users to facilitate creativity, collaborate, and share¹ any product they created independently so everybody can see and manipulate the way he needs. The key here is that these toolsare collaborative in nature and focus on user-created material.²

Using those tools the users (students) learn to research, create, combine, share, collaborate and be self-directed when they need to create any kind of products (homework’s, research, projects, etc.), they just need to be connected to the World Wide Web.


1 Christ Dade, Web 2.0: Helping Reinvent Education.

2 Justina Elmore 2009-03-05, sticky note, Wikipedia.


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