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EDTC 6342 Summer 2011 Project 2

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EDTC6342 - Project 1

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Project 2

Web 2.0


Make sure you post link on discussion board.

EDTC 6342-60 Link EDTC 6342-61 Link
Basaldua-Alvarado web 2.0 Alonso Web 2.0 link
Billman Web 2.0 Enriquez Web 2.0 link 
Cancino WEB 2.0 TOOLS Macias Web 2.0 Link
Carrizales web 2.0 link Martinez Cool Web 2.0s
Compean Web 2.0
McManness Web 2.0 Baby
Correa Web 2.0

Web tools 2.0

Aprox 13,973

Garza Web 2.0 Link Moseley Web 2.0 Link
Gonzalez Link
Reyes Web 2.0
Gracia Web 2.0 Tools Wiki Rivera

Web 2.0 Link


Guerrero   Ruiz Web 2.0 Link
Hernandez Web 2.0 Salazar  
Lara Link Salazar  
Lopez, Ramon
*Link* link list
Salinas WEB 2.0 Link
Ramirez Tools Salinas Web 2.0 Link
Ramirez-Rubio WIKI Smetter  
Tovar Web 2.0 Thrailkill Web 2.0 Tools
Zartuche-Manrrique Web 2.0 Zarazua Web 2.0 Tools




Comments (2)

Cory McManness said

at 6:24 pm on Jun 27, 2011

it is so time consuming to go through each list and see fi they have the specific web 2.0 tool you are going to put down

Marie Evans said

at 2:11 pm on Jul 2, 2011

Some students copied and pasted all the links into a spreadsheet, helped to get organized.

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