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ePortfolio Directions

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ePorfolio Directions

Overview e-Portfolio

For this project, you will be preparing the foundation for your ePortfolio requirement for the Master Technology Teacher (MTT) certification as well as the ePortfolio needed in the educational technology master's program.


First, you will be expected to complete your Program of Study (POS), if you have not done so already. This important contract sets forth your requirements to complete the master's degree and will provide an outline for you to follow through the next several semesters. If you are only enrolled in the MTT program, you only need to fill out the four courses in this program: EDTC 6340, EDTC 6341, EDTC 6342, EDTC 6343.


You will also be setting up your e-Portfolio framework so that you can add content each semester and meet requirements for your MTT ePortfolio and/or your 18-hour review for the master's program. The Master's e-Portfolio represents the assessment used in lieu of the comprehensive examination for the Educational Technology program at The University of Texas at Brownsville. The electronic portfolio, or e-Portfolio, reflects progress and growth over time. Each student will select, review, evaluate, and show works that reflect the achievement of six professional responsibilities addressed in the M.Ed. program or the MTT program.


The e-Portfolio may include as many items as necessary to demonstrate proficiency in the six professional responsibilities. These responsibilities were adapted from the NCATE standards developed by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) to define the field of educational technology and to specify the knowledge base for the field.


For this project, you must complete several steps that will help you to develop and maintain your ePortfolio throughout the time spent on your courses.


For this portion of Project 1, you will be expected to complete tasks that are necessary for your progress in the educational technology program. If you are taking this course as an elective for another program, you will still be completing this step since having an ePortfolio is a valuable asset for anyone.


For your ePortfolio framework, you will be expected to complete:


  • Submission of your POS to your instructor and your advisor (the advisor for those in the MTT program is Dr. Butler)
  • Scan of signed POS with a link to the document in your ePortfolio
  • Creation of e-Portfolio wiki with all requisite pages as described in the tutorial


Directions for completing

If you have not already done so, complete your Program of Study (POS) for your degree. You will find information about completing the POS and the POS template on this page:


  • Send your POS as an attachment to your advisor. Your advisor can be found on the following page: http://www.utb.edu/vpaa/coe/edtc/Pages/MEETcontact.aspx
  • Once you receive your approved POS with all signatures, scan and upload it to your ePortfolio and hyperlink it to your home page.
  • If you already have your POS signed, just scan it, send your instructor a copy and provide a link in your ePortfolio wiki.


Next, you will create your ePortfolio framework. The following directions will take you through the process of creating your ePortfolio framework.

Preparing to set up your ePortfolio Framework:

Detailed information about e-Portfolio expectations can be found on the following page: e-Portfolio requirements. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the requirements before you begin this project.


You will need a location for storing all your projects online during this course and the rest of the educational technology program. If you already have a server or online storage account that allows others to access files, you may continue to use that one. If you do not have a hosting service or server space elsewhere, you will need to set up a location to store your projects.


We recommend that you store all your projects and other deliverables on PBworks (as well as on your hard drive, of course). This will allow you to begin your ePortfolio early in the educational technology program and to maintain it during and after you complete each course. Thus, the creation of this wiki will serve as your e-Portfolio and as your location to store artifacts.


To do this, you will need to create your own wiki and add the e-Portfolio framework that you can use to "house" and link to your projects.


To begin, go to PBworks and create your educational wiki. Because this will be used for your professional ePortfolio, you can use your name as the title or create something original. Make sure your title is appropriate for a professional e-Portfolio. For example, The Educational Technology Hot Spot might be appropriate, but Hot Lips for Technology would certainly not.


How to Set up your ePortfolio Framework wiki:

Click here for the detailed descriptions and a step-by-step guide on completing your ePortfolio framework.


PBworks provides outstanding videos if you have any difficulty figuring out how to edit the wiki. Tutorials can be located at http://pbworks.com/content/supportcenter-viewall


Each tutorial runs approximately 30 seconds and will guide you through any procedure you may be experiencing challenges in doing.

After your wiki is created following all the steps above, go to the course wiki and add your wiki URL to the appropriate ePortfolio page so that we are able to access it. Click here to access the page. Please add your link in the correct alphabetical order.

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