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Team 12 Discussion Page

Page history last edited by Salina 8 years, 10 months ago

This is Team 12 Discussion Page.


Team Nekton: Cycle A The Great Ocean Conveyor...



Team Nekton: Cycle A 1900 Galveston



Team Nekton: Cycle A (Saturday, Oct. 15)



Team Nekton: Cycle B

The following a google doc link to share findings and ideas. We need everyone's input to make this project a success. -Esther



Team Nekton: Volcano



Murder Mystery



Hello Team,

 I am currently teaching 7th grade Technology Applications at AP Solis MS. I enjoy being an active participant in my campus. Campus involvement include: one of two yearbook sponsors, one of three in charge of the campus´ webpage, this year’s robotics’ sponsor and elective department head.


Some of the activities I enjoy include reading, gardening and swimming. The best time to be online will be after 8pm. I look forward in working with the team. I am sure it will be a success.


Hello Team,


I am currently teaching 7th grade Science at Sauceda Middle School. I enjoy being on the campus and I am entering my third year. I have been involved in being a cheerleading sponsor and now I am heading up the Engineering Club. We are competing in a robotics competition and hope we can do well. I love to watch football and I also referee soccer. I am looking forward to working with you and think we will be a success as well.



Hello Team 12 Members,

My name is Olivet Castillo and I am starting my 5th year teaching 8th grade ELA at Veterans Middle School.  I have my ups and downs with this career, just like everyone else, but overall, I really enjoy teaching and I am grateful to have a job! 

I really enjoy reading, fishing, and spending time with my children. 

Hope our team collaborates well and we produce great products!  Talk to you real soon!



P.S.  Hey guys, What do you think of our team name?? I think it should definitely by Earth Science related and we should also consider we are all Middle School teachers.... I don't know, I'm just throwing ideas out there.  :)  Let's make it a good one!

 Hello Team. We need to complete the   Volcano Scenario and the TEAM name by 10/2/11. Team Name suggestion.   
Nekton free-swimming animals that can move throughout the water column

My name is Salina Villaneda.  I am on my 3rd year teaching. I have not gotten the chance to settle in to a subject since I have been moved around which makes things a bit stressful at times. I hope to become a librarian ASAP, I am certified as one and have my Master in Library Science.  I can meet when ever you guys like.  I just don't like meeting too late like past 9 pm, but I mean if need be I'm in.  I think Nekton is fine as our team name.

Ok, I'm not going to lie, I am having a hard time understanding what we are supposed to be doing in ESSEA. I read it, but I still don't get what is up with all these hemispheres and stuff.  Is this connecting to technology some how to use in any classroom that I am just not getting?  I'm not bad mouthing it, I just don't get it right now and would like to so that way I do not have trouble with it.





*****Team Nekton,
I have created a GoogleDoc inorder for us to complete this assignment. I have emailed the link to you, please let me know if you are having problems receiving it. We ALL need to answer the questions and come up with a problem statement. The google doc will allow us to write our notes down on one document. If you have a better idea to present our information by all means please create/change it...we need to hurry because it is due tonight. I also think we need to exchange phone numbers so we can text each other ( alot faster).
Please feel free to text me..my # is 956-647-1959. Thanks! Olivet Castillo

Comments (8)

CastilloOlivet66@... said

at 12:36 am on Oct 2, 2011

Nekton is a good team name.
Don't worry Salina, I am just as confused as you are, even more so, I think.
Okay, we need to come up with the answers to PBL questions 4, 5, and 6, correct?
Individually, we answer 1, 2, and 3.
I hope I have this correct??
Olivet Castillo

CastilloOlivet66@... said

at 8:47 am on Oct 15, 2011

TEAM 12:
We need to submit our thoughts, questions we have over Cycle A - "Dust Bowl"

CastilloOlivet66@... said

at 9:05 am on Oct 15, 2011

My thoughts on Dust Bowl.
What I know so far...
-Based on scenario provided, scientists are concerned with possibility of NEW DUST BOWL happening.
-1862 Congress passed Homestead Act which provided 160 acres of public land to each homestear after 6 months of residence.
-RailRoad Act was passed
-"Free land" was offered to landless citizens, freed slaves and European immigrants.
-This area was a "grassland with few trees, minimal rainfall, and scarce other vegetation"
-Farming increased -hundreds of acres of land were plowed.
-1930's drought spread across the region - known as "Dust Bowl"
-Later, severe weather conditions led to "Black Blizzards" and "Black Rollers" and of course "Black Sunday".
-NASA climate scientists suggest that, "climate variability may have played a big role in what took place in the Plains.

-We have a concern of a "new" dust bowl happening due to dry weather.
-Limited water source - Ogalalla Aquifer

CastilloOlivet66@... said

at 9:50 am on Oct 15, 2011

Cycle A Team Assignment due: SUNDAY, 10-16-11 at 6:00!!!!!
Please post your questions/thoughts on Google Document I created and have sent to your email.


CastilloOlivet66@... said

at 9:52 am on Oct 15, 2011

What I stated earlier are not my thoughts, they are information from article.

My thoughts can be found in Google Doc.

Esther said

at 7:43 pm on Oct 18, 2011

What do I want to know?
• What are some factors that cause the formation of dust bowls?
• Are there any land conservation practices in place?
• Can the next dust bowl be predicated?
• Do oceans’ temperatures play a role in the formation?
• Why didn’t erosion control techniques prevail during this era (1930s)?
• What cultivation practices were in practice and why where they not effective?
• When is wind erosion most common?
• What is the best form to control erosion?
• Is the Ogallala Aquifer in danger? Can this lead to another dust bowl?
• What can humans do to ensure the protection of Ogallala Aquifer?

CastilloOlivet66@... said

at 11:40 pm on Nov 26, 2011

Hi Team 12: Cycle A: Team: The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Questions:
1. What has been the measurement of the ice melting in to the ocean per year?
2. What are the possibilities of worst case scenario? (The possibility of another ice age)
3. What are some ways to prevent/prepare for this scenario?

CastilloOlivet66@... said

at 11:58 pm on Nov 26, 2011

Another thought/question to consider: Team A: Team: The Great Ocean Conveyor
- Look at salt levels in/near Atlantic Ocean?


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