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IntroductionsVolcano Scenario

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Name Introductions  Team Name Suggestions  Write Rationale for your favorite
Adriana G. Hernandez

Hi! I'm Adriana G. Hernandez and I'm currently the librarian at Veterans MS in Donna.I have a wonderful husband and 2 amazing daughters.  We like to travel and spend time outdoors either at our little ranch or BBQ-ing in the back porch. I'm just learning about vegetable gardening and I'm planning to start a square foot garden soon.  I'm very much out of my comfort zone, so that means I have to be learning something. I look forward to working closely with you all in order to learn and be able to complete all of our coursework.

Lost  (I've never felt so lost before)                    

The Spheres 


I like "The Spheres the best because we will be using the spheres in all of our analysis. 
Francisco Alejo

Hi, everyone. My name is Francisco Alejo and I teach Mathematics (Geometry) at Donna High School. I have been married fo 13 wounderfull years to my wife Sheila Hernandez and have two kids. Armando who is 12 yrs old and Leilani at 7. I adore my kids and wife and love them so much. They keeps us, me and my wife, really busy. From church activities, piano lessons, cheerleading, dace lessons, soccer practice and more.... My wife is really good in keeping track of what is next. I started teaching math 4 years ago and fell in love with the job. After working in the engineering field for many years in the state of Utah, we moved back to Texas to find out there was a different carrer that I love as much.


The Getting There   
Leticia Mendez  Hello I'm Leticia Mendez and I currently teach Business Information Management (BIM) formerly known as BCIS at at the high school. I have my husband Robert and my three boys to keep me very busy. I have an 8yr, 6yr, and a 5yr old and they are little energizer bunnies. I love to BBQ too and my husband and I just took our first trip together to Las Vegas so after 7yrs of marriage we were just able to take our honey moon. I teach office applications and I still find my self learning and I'm a little comfortable not, too much just a little.  Looking forward to working with you all as well.


Team Magma 

or Team Lahars





Name  Thoughts/ Wonderings/ Questions about Volcano 
Adriana G. Hernandez  What are Lahars?

How close are the communities to the volcano?

What types of animals live in the area?

What types of plants/trees surround volcano?

Are there rivers in the area?

Can the volcanic ash be gathered and used for something?

Francisco Alejo 

Can we predict volcanic eruptions?

Should government allow settlers near a volcano?

Are there any benefits to volcano eruptions? 

Leticia Mendez 

How long will it take for the environment to recover?

What will the magnitude of the eruption be?

How will the ash affect the health of the people?

What type of warning do the people have before the volcano erupts?

How long before the land can be cultivated again to produce crops? 

How far will the effects of the eruption be felt?


Assignment: Write A Problem Statement (Directions from ESSEA website)

In this particular course the problem statement should evolve from your ESS analysis (PBL Step 3), the list of questions you and your team generate (PBL Step 4), and the investigation you plan (Step 5) in Cycle A. Since the problem statement serves as a guide to your information search, you and your team should post it in team space at the end of Cycle A: Teacher as a Problem Solver. During Cycle B: Teacher as Model Builder you may rewrite, refine, or alter your problem statement as necessary, perhaps as many as two or three times before your team sees a solution or a range of valid, workable solutions emerge.


Keep in mind that the problem statement needs to remain clearly related to the situation presented in the scenario. During CycleB, teams need to think in terms of an iterative, or repeating, process regarding the gathering of information. For example, you may have to begin PBL Step 7 (gathering information), then discuss the emerging information in order to complete PBL Step 6 (developing a problem statement). As new information comes to light, analyze it for its reliability and usefulness and also for its impact on the direction that the problem is taking, as well as its effect on the very nature of the problem,





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