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"VoiceThread is a Web-based application that allows users to create a shared presentation as a media album that visitors can asynchronously comment on either by text, voice, or video. The presentation can include any form of digital media, including images, audio, video, and text. The resulting output of this combination of the digital presentation and accumulated viewer comments is called a “VoiceThread.” Completed VoiceThreads can then be shared on the VoiceThread site or embedded into Web pages or blogs. They can also be exported for offline consumption running from a computer hard drive, a DVD, a video-enabled MP3 player, or a mobile phone. In sum, VoiceThread allows an entire group conversation to be collected from anywhere in the world and then shared for playback in one place. VoiceThread has been referred to as a “group audio blog” because, like a blog, it fosters comments on a topic but goes further by allowing these comments to be offered in audio format."


The Pennsylvania State University. (2009). 7 things you need to know about VoiceThread. Retrieved from http://www.personal.psu.edu/mnm14/blogs/meyerviews/VoiceThread_whitepaper.pdf



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