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Week 2 - Media and stuff (Sp2012)

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This week we will investigate the vast collection of “shared” content on the Web. (You will find that you can truly “stand on the shoulders of giants!”) We will also discuss the nature and concept of a weblog or blog as it is more commonly called. Blogs exert considerable influences in areas you may already know and many that may surprise you.


Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to compare and contrast three different repositories for shared content on the Web

  • Be able to design and create a blog for a specific purpose
  • Be able to critique the influences of a blog and how those may be applied effectively in your own situation



Reading 1:  Read the description of each of three collaborative content repositories -


Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each within the educational environment. Reflect upon these questions as you read:

  • Is there a fee or membership involved?
  • Does any one of these repositories offer safeguards from inappropriate or explicit media?
  •  Is any one of the repositories more appropriate for the elementary level? Secondary? Post-secondary?
  • Does any one repository stand out as far as diverse content? (both in subject matter as well as type of media)


Reading 2:

          Deconstruct the author’s argument. Be sure to read the synopsis of the referenced Pew report. Formulate you own response to the question “Are blogs dead?”

          While you are reading this, consider other populations that may also have blogs specific to their needs.

          While you are reading this, consider your own reaction to knowing a blog may be sponsored. Do you think this rationale also applies to educational blogs that are sponsored by such organizations as ITSE Connects, Education World, PBS Teachers blog, Education Week, and others? Compare these to ones who are not sponsored such as the ones listed here.

          Read this in light of the author’s own statement: “Bloggers should finally realize the level of responsibility we now enjoy and think twice when publishing something that may influence people into making a decision they later regret…” Then consider your own responsibility, that of your faculty, and ultimately the students.

          This one is long, so skim it. It is also the only one of the readings that is in a peer-reviewed journal. Consider these authors findings in relation to the readings listed above. Emphasis is on:

          This one I think you will find the most “fun.” Although the author proclaims it to be validate as far as study protocols, there is nothing to back this up. It is offered for your consideration as an interesting, loosely researched-based opinion piece. What other areas could have been investigated?


(Because I wish to cover this topic very thoroughly and in depth, we will be discussing the readings in week 3 seminar. That will allow you two weeks to make sure you have reviewed all the articles and make notes of important points to discuss.)



This week our discussion will occur in seminar. We will be reviewing the syllabus and a course overview will be presented. We will also discuss your experiences with Wallwisher and Wordle. Be prepared to compare and contrast this to introductory activities you have participated in in other courses.



  • Option 1 - You will attend a seminar that provides an overview of the course and introduces you to the copyright unit. Access to Meeting of the Minds is via the collaborate tool in Blackboard.

  • Option 2 – This option is to provide flexibility in meeting the scheduled portion of the course. If selected, your assignment is to listen to the archived seminar and then write a 350+ word synopsis. All APA formatting conventions and citations are to be followed (see syllabus).


          Because of the time sensitive nature of the information given during our seminar

          time, this assignment is to be received no later than the Thursday following the

          seminar meeting date. The synopsis is to be emailed to your instructor and

          timestamped by midnight. Papers received after Thursday will be accepted until the

          Sunday of the course closing for this week with a 20% deduction. After midnight,

          papers will no longer be accepted.


Your grade for attendance will be predicated upon the following rubric:


To do
Quality participation in Wallwisher/Wordle Hargadon discussion
Use appropriate discussion board etiquette


Your grade for a written response will be predicated upon the following rubric:


To do


Quality reporting of all meeting events


Quality reflections concerning discussion and statements by both faculty and students



Weekly Assignment

This week you will create a blog which will focus upon our course text, They Snooze, You Lose by Lynell Burmark. In order to set it up and create your two entries, follow the steps below.


To do-

Your grade will be predicated upon the following:


To do
 Go to Blogger and create an account. (If you already have one, create a blog separate from any others that you may own.) Do not mark as private - thanks! 5
 In the first entry, dialogue a bit about your experiences in creating the copyright presentation and in the learning you acquired regarding the subject matter. 20
Create a  Slideshare account. Upload your copyright presentation.


Create a second entry in your blog. Use the embed code to upload your presentation to the blog. (The result should be that the presentation itself shows in the blog entry, not just a link.) 5

 Post your blog link to Week 2 - Assignment page (Sp2012)  Be sure to link your blog to your professional wiki as well (or as soon as you set it up).




Congratulations - you have just finished week 2!




Click on the graphic below if you have questions!



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