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Week 6 - "Sliding" your presentations (Sp2012)

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Learning Activity Summary



This week you will read:

  • Module 6
  • They Snooze, You Lose by Lynell Burmark, chapters 8-9



You will attend a seminar that will discuss learning related to our text as well as an overview of this week's assignments. 



This week we will continue to explore out-of-the-box thinking regarding engaging presentations for the classroom. As you read the text and make the changes to your own presentation, keep in mind the diverse audiences you will touch. What can you do to underscore your message in the most effective way?


We will also continue to consider the role of the presentation when speaking and teaching. With the advent of more and more tools for creating presentations, it seems likely that this mode of communication will be with us quite a while longer. Therefore, it is important that we not only utilize them to their fullest extent, but to also model the asset a engaging presentation can be.


Learning Outcomes

  • Continue adding to the conversation on the Web
  • Explore other methods of creating engaging and informative presentations for both teaching and modeling (which in itself is teaching, is it not?)
  • Create a product that will effectively scaffold teaching and learning in your classroom (best practices)



  • Module 4
  • They Snooze,You Lose by Burmark, chapters 8-9



  • Option 1 - You will attend a seminar that will discuss assignments for the upcoming week. We will also discuss the responses to last week's case study.Access to Meeting of the Minds is via the collaborate tool in Blackboard.


  • Option 2 – This option is to provide flexibility in meeting the scheduled portion of the course. If selected, your assignment is to listen to the archived seminar and then write a 350+ word synopsis, including your own responses, to each of the questions posed during the meeting. All APA formatting and citations conventions are to be followed (see syllabus).


          Because of the time sensitive nature of the information given during our seminar

          time, this assignment is to be received no later than the Thursday following the

          seminar meeting date. The synopsis is to be emailed to your instructor and

          timestamped by midnight. Papers received after Thursday will be accepted until the

          Sunday of the course closing for this week with a 20% deduction. After midnight,

          papers will no longer be accepted.


Your grade for attendance will be predicated upon the following rubric:


To do


See rubric




Your grade for a written response will be predicated upon the following rubric:


To do


Quality reflections concerning discussion and statements by both faculty and students


Quality response to each question posed during MoM




Weekly Assignment

This week you will have two assignments. First, you will continue to add to your blog, which focuses upon our course text, They Snooze,You Lose by Lynell Burmark. You will add two entries – one for each chapter. Each entry will need to include:


  • A brief synopsis of the chapter
  • Your opinion of what Burmark states in his book
  • A total of 150+ words


Next, an updated copy of your presentation is to be placed in a third entry that reflects changes you have implemented in your presentation based upon the readings in Chapters 8 and 9. A short paragraph describing these changes needs to accompany the embedded presentation within the same entry.


To do-

Your grade will be predicated upon the following:


To do


Go to Blogger and create two new entries (150+ words), one for each chapter. All writing is expected to be college-level and utilize APA formatting and style as appropriate for a blog format. Also refer to links in course syllabus. (If you have any questions about this, let me know.) 


Offer insightful, quality evaluations of your learning experiences in Ch. 8 and 9 (150+ words each) Note: This is not to only be a summarization of the chapter. 



Open the presentation you created in week 5 and make changes based upon your readings and application of Burmark's principles. Upload to Slideshare as a new file. Do not replace or delete the old presentation from Slideshare.


In a third blog entry, embed your changed presentation. If you have forgotten how to do this, instructions can be found in week 2. Embed new presentation into third entry


In the same entry as the updated presentation, add a short paragraph describing these changes.




Your second assignment has to do with another Web 2.0 tool and how you might apply your learning in a totally different environment. Welcome to SLIDEROCKET!




To do:


Your grade will be predicated upon the following:


To do


Within the SlideRocket environment, you will create a brief, 6 slide presentation. The topic can be on anything that you wish. The presentation will need a beginning and an ending slide (to be included in the 6.)


Find three different types of media elements to insert into the presentation:

  • Go to Incompetech and find some downloadable music. Save to SlideRocket library.
  • Go to YouTube and find a video that supports the content of your presentation. Save to the SlideRocket library.
  • Go to Flickr and find pictures that support the content of your presentation. Save to the SlideRocket library.


Insert the music, pictures, and video into your presentation.


Add other elements such as shapes, colors, text, timings, etc.


Upon completion, you will need to publish it for viewing. Using the embed code, put your SlideRocket presentation here.



Note: Overall, SlideRocket is fairly intuitive, However, you will find the Help menu and Youtube to be a great resource!    


Congratulations - you have just finished week 6!



Click on the graphic below if you have questions!




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by Lumaxart.com



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The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College

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