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MTT Vocabulary Database

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MTT Vocabulary Data Base created by Students at UT Brownsville


Competency Word  Definition 
002C Audio Editing Software examples  The following audio editing software can be used to manipulate and change sounds. Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Garage Band, Audacity 
002C Audio Manipulation - types  Ways to change how audio sounds with various techniques. 
002C Capturing Sounds The following is a quick list of ways to capture audio: reel to reel, CD/digital recording, iPod/iPad, Zoom digital recording device.
002C Change Pitch (Audio Manipulation) Changing the frequency (pitch) of a sound. This makes the audio sound "high" or "low". 
002C Condenser Microphone An instrument that converts sound waves into an electric current. This microphone has has a built in amplifier. Used for indoor, studio locations.
002C Delay (Audio Manipulation)  Where sound pauses, or stops for a moment. 
002D Digital Editing Software The following digital editing software can be used to import and edit images. Photoshop,  Picasa, Gimp, PhotoFiltre
002C Distortion (Audio Manipulation) Creating a "warm", "dirty", or "fuzzy" sound by compressing the peaks of the sound wave. 
002C Dynamic Microphone An instrument that converts sound waves into an electric current. This microphone is plugged into an amplifier. Used for outdoor recordings.
002D Image Sources These are places that you can find images: books, library, magazines, dictionary, encyclopedias, newspapers, websites, spffy, Library of Congress, USDA, NASA
002C Microphone types The following is a brief list of microphones and their uses. Shotgun/Boom mic - used for single voices or to record groups of people; Pressure zone mic - used to lie on the floor of a dance recital, on a table of a conference or even a podium; Handheld mic - doesn't distort sound, wired, used typically for one person at a time; Wireless/Lavalier mic - used for hands free interviews, singing on a stage, wired for one person at a time.
002C Reverb (Audio Manipulation) Short for reverberation. The sound has a number of echoes or delays. Think of it like when you talk in a gym or bathroom. 
002C Reverse (Audio Manipulation) The audio is actually being played backwards.
002C Speed Up/Slow Down (Audio Manipulation)  Allowing the audio to sound very fast, like a chipmunk; or very slow like. 
Analog Video
A type of video recording that uses an electrical signal to record on magnetic tape. Examples include: VHS, 8-tracks, cassettes 
Digital Video
A type of video recording that uses a series of 0s and 1s (binary code) to record images electronic. Example: DVD
Linear Editing
A form of editing used to change analog video. You must fast-forward and rewind to get to specific places within the video (i.e. linear-- go in a straight line)
Nonlinear Editing
A form of editing used to change digital video. You can skip to any place in the video to make changes. (i.e. nonlinear-- not in a straight line)
The  position and angle of a frame in a video.
004B Line of Gaze Where and how the viewers attention moves in a frame.
004B Movement The manner that the video camera moves when recording.
004B Pan To move the camera with an object as it moves. For example, following a plane as it takes off.
004B Perspective The view that the film is taken from.
004B Position in Frame Where the object of focus is in the composition. (Often follows the rule of thirds-- the focal point in in a third quadrant of the frame)
004B Ratio of Image How much of the focal point takes up the frame.
004B Tilts Moving the camera up or down.



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