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Week 15 - Final project due (Sp2012)

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Now it is time to put it all together by analyzing and reflecting.


Learning Outcomes

  • final report on semester activities


Seminar (45 points)

This week I am asking you to meet with me in Meeting of the Minds for about no more than 30 minutes. We will begin promptly at 7:00pm CST. If you are unable to attend, remember that you are accountable for any information given during this time.


Weekly assignment - (200 points)

This week your final paper over the entire semester's activity is to be polished and finalized. This includes:

  • make corrections / changes (APA - instructor feedback - your own analysis)

  • add instructor's / proxy's feedback

  • add reflective piece--

    • Compare/contrast your instructional design on paper vs. the live implementation.

    • Were the Google tools selected adequate for the need? Why or why not?

    • Was the lesson plan followed or was it changed during the course of the instruction? Explain. If so, who made the decision and why was it made?

    • Describe observable student reaction / participation. (include any student comments if possible)

    • Was the planning adequate in all areas? Explain. If not, which areas and what does hindsight tell you?

    • Was the targeted learning acquired to any degree? Explain.

      • Was it adequate? Explain.

      • Was it what you expected? Explain.

    • Did the formative assessment help predict the summative outcomes? Explain.

    • Was your assessment instrument appropriately developed? Why or why not?

    • What surprised you? Why?

    • What disappointed you? Why?

    • What is one major aspect you would change if doing this lesson again? Why?

    • What is one minor aspect you would change if doing this lesson again? Why?

    • Why was your instructional design a success? Explain. (Note: All of the lessons will be successes. Mistakes are the greatest teachers.)

    • Did the comments from your instructor / proxy surprise you? Explain.

      • Were their comments on target? Explain.

      • Were they able to offer any good advice for future iterations of the lesson? What were they?

    • What was the most important thing you learned about designing an instructional unit? Explain.


Final submission - (50 points)

Because of the tremendous amount of grading I will have to do, all papers turned into me no later than May 8 at 11:59pm CST will earn 50 bonus points.


When you have completed your paper, email it to me: linda.newell@utb.edu.


Congratulations - you have just finished week 15 & the final week!





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