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EDTC 6340 Module 4 Submission Page

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Module 4 Projects

Project Rubrics


Scroll down to find project tables


Jing Project

(After you record and save your project, it is stored in Screencast.com; use your Jing login to sign in and obtain a url; post url below)



Name Jing Project Link
Juan Betancourt jbetancourt Jing
Ana Cavazos

Ana's Jing 

Adam Hovde Adam's Jing Link
Tania Longoria Tania's Jing
Cesar Mata Cesar's Jing  
Brian Martinez Brian's Jing Link
Lucero Martinez Lucero's Jing 
Virginia Ramirez JING.swf  
Rene Rodriguez Rene's Jing Link
Feliciana Salazar Feliciana's Jing Link 
Nora Sanchez Nora's Jing Link
Alyssa Tanguma Alyssa's Jing Link
Betsabe Vela Betsy's Jing  
Gabriela Gutierrez Gabriela's Jing Link
Mari Montelongo

Mari's Jing


Sandra L. Cantu 




Glogster Project


Name Glogster Project Link
Juan Betancourt

jbetancourt Glogster

Ana Cavazos

Evaluating websites


Adam Hovde Adam's Glogster Link
Tania Longoria  Tania's Glog
Cesar Mata Cesar's Glog  
Brian Martinez Brian's Glogster Link
Lucero Martinez Lucero's Glogster
Virginia Ramirez  http://virginiaramirez.edu.glogster.com/Glog-1237/
Rene Rodriguez Rene's Glogster Link
Feliciana Salazar Feliciana's Glogster-Polygons
Nora Sanchez Nora's Glogster Link
Alyssa Tanguma Alyssa's Glogster
Betsabe Vela Betsy's Glogster
Gabriela Gutierrez Gabriela's Glogster Link
Mari Montelongo Mari's Glogster
Sandra L. Cantu   http://slcantu.edu.glogster.com/sandras-glogster/



Copyright PowerPoint Project



Name Copyright PP Link
Juan Betancourt EDTC 6340 jbetancourt copyrights5.pptx  
Ana Cavazos Ana A. Cavazos FINALEDTC 6340 Copyright.pptx
Adam Hovde Adam's Copyright ppt
Tania Longoria Copyright Presentation- Final Tania Longoria.pptx  
Cesar Mata EDTC 6340.60 Cesar Mata Don't Copy Wrong, Copyright! Module 4.pptx  
Brian Martinez Brian's Copyright PPT
Lucero Martinez

Lucero Martinez PPT 

Virginia Ramirez EDTC 6340 Virginia Ramirez Copyright#5.pptx  
Rene Rodriguez Rene's copyright powerpoint.pptx  
Feliciana Salazar Edtc 6340.60 Feliciana Salazar CopyrightPP (5).pptx  
Nora Sanchez EDTC6340.60 Nora Sanchez Garza Copyright Crash Course final module 4.pptx
Alyssa Tanguma CopyRight CC A.Tanguma final.pptx  
Betsabe Vela EDTC 6340_60_BVela_Copyright Final.pptx  
Gabriela Gutierrez EDTC 6340 Gabriela Gutierrez copyright final (module 4).pptx  
Mari Montelongo Mari's Copyright ppt 
Sandra L. Cantu  EDTC 6340.60 Sandra L. Cantu Copyrights PP Final copy.ppt  



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