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Due June 30

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Collaboration is not a new concept to education. It is, however, rather new to the technology savvy classroom. Not only are new tools being developed almost every day, district permissions for educators to integrate them into the curriculum are becoming more commonplace as well. Our focus this week will be on tools that can be used to share information in the classroom in ways that are both safe and as well as engaging. 


Learning Outcomes

  • Create and participate in online collaborative activities. 

  • Evaluate products designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of this tool with regard to engaging and motivating students

  • Create a product that is reflective of good teaching practices for your classroom



This week you will read:


Assignment 1

Collaboration is the WORD! Not only do we need to teach our students "readin', writin', and 'rithmetic", but we also need to teach them the very real-world skills regarding how to function as an online group as well as utilizing collaborative workspace for a variety of activities and resources.  This week, we will begin with Edmodo. Please view the videos below.




Edmodo features


To do--

  Your grade will be predicated upon the following rubric:


To do


Open an Edmodo account. Include your full name in the title. (For example: Linda Newell's Tech Mania or Linda Newell's Learning 2.0.) That way we know who the group belongs to. Click on Join Group and put horldd  in the pop-up box. This allows you to join my group. Go the the assignment page and read the assignment.  (Time sensitive information in directions.)





Follow the directions in the Edmodo assignment on my group page.  Set up the three activities. 


Follow assignment directions and fill in information on this page.

Participate in all three activities in each group you have joined.



Assignment 2

On the Internet, there are those who feel that Vimeo is the next YouTube. While I think Vimeo is awesome, I am not sure that YouTube is falling that far behind. However, this does offer an alternative to YouTube which might be more palatable to your district. There is far less traffic than YouTube but it seems to offer equivalent tools and capabilities. Personally, I like it for a classroom. 




To do-

Your grade will be predicated upon the following rubric:


To do


Open a Vimeo account.. 


Create a one minute "how to" video. The topic is up to you. Upload the video to Vimeo using one of the available methods (I love the cell phone option, but you must be a Plus user!) 


Share the video two ways: First, share the video by uploading it directly to your Edmodo group. Second, upload it to Vimeo, mark your video public, and embed it in your wiki. 


 Quality comment on two videos uploaded to Vimeo using the Vimeo site.



Assignment 3

If you are unfamiliar with Mark Prensky, he should definitely be on your "get to know" list. Creator of the terms "digital immigrants" and "digital natives", he has long been an advocate for use of cell phones in the classroom (going back to 2003!) While many school districts are still in a cell phone ban, some of them are beginning to allow limited usage for instructional purposes with administrative permission. Our next tool is one I guarantee the students will love - Yodio!



A great series of tutorials can be found here.


To do-

Your grade will be predicated upon the following rubric:


To do


Open a Yodio account.


Consider the age and maturity level of your students or your own children. Create a 1 minute Yodio targeting an area of character education you feel would be valuable for these children.



Share the Yodio by uploading it directly to your wiki.



One last thought -- 

  Other "o" tools to consider are


Assignment 4 - Each Module

For each new tool you use: If no new tool is assigned, please do not do this.


You will be learning a large number of new tools throughout this semester. In order to keep track of what is what, each time you use or learn a tool, you will need to post a description and information about them in a Web 2.0 wiki page that you create in your ePortfolio. For each tool, please provide the following information:


To do


Include the following information for each tool: 

  • Name of tool

  • Link to tool

  • Suggested educational use (2 ways it could be used in education

  • Most engaging feature

  • Most aggravating feature

  • Comparable tool you like better or not as well / why?







20 points per tool




Click on the graphic below if you have questions!



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by Lumaxart.com



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The University of Texas at Brownsville

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