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JWBs students ePortfolios

Page history last edited by Janice Wilson Butler 10 years, 3 months ago

The first ePortfolio Meeting for the Spring semester will be January 13 at 8 PM.  If you have a problem logging in - make sure you do not have BlackBoard open.  I am monitoring my email so email if you still have problems.


Pertinent links: 



Please add your name, preferred email(s), and check whether you will be able to attend or not. Add extra rows if you need to.


Please refresh page before logging in. I had to change the link. Live one has "a6ae7229bb3f" at end.

Link to ePortfolio meeting: https://myutb.blackboard.com/webapps/bb-collaborate-bb_bb60/launchSession/guest?uid=b502910d-60b0-413b-ba08-a6ae7229bb3f


Your name
Your email address
I will be able to attend
I will not be able to attend
Kate Binns
Richard Wilson

  Spring 2014
Jeff Blackman  jmblackman@aol.com     
Maria Austin       
Maricela Ramirez  leycela@gmail.com  X    
Ramon Lopez
  Graduation Spring 2014 
Juanita R. Martinez 


Delilah Alegria  Alegriadelilah@gmail.com     
Jackie Byford  blackberypearlchallenger2012@gmail.com    Graduation Spring 2014 
Ernie Perez
  Graduation Spring 2014
Jessica Pettyjohn  burntorangejess@gmail.com    Graduation Spring 2014 
Amanda Lerma
  Graduation Spring 2014
Conrado Gonzalez  troperocosmico@gmail.com    Graduation Spring 2014 
Tom Dolan  tom@tom-dolan.com    Graduation Spring 2014 



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