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Welcome to Dr. Butler's portal for . . . well, everything!!!  



JWBs students ePortfolios

EDTC 6329 Fall 2013

EDTC 6342 Fall 2013

EDTC 6329 Spring 2014

EDTC 6340 Spring 2014

Course Portals for Previous Semesters


My Edtech forms and stuff

My Research

ClepTests Link


Got Game?

Click here for a plethora of links to gaming sites, game developing for kids, and simulations. Updated frequently.

GRANT links

 NEW! The Butler Lab - Try new tools, etc.

Elluminate Art. Add yours to the gallery.

Butler's Bloopers

Fun Technology Challenges

Professional Development


All Things MSTTPA GO! Tech

MSTTPA Presentation, 2012

MSTTPA Demographic Survey: 22 of you have responded to this survey. If you have not done so, please fill it out.

MSTTPA Attitude about technology & teaching: All MSTTPA Go TECH! teachers should fill this out.


Wiki Table of Contents

Directions for completing your ePortfolio

Some of Doc B's Presentations

Social Media for Educators



e-PORTFOLIOS for Ed Tech Student


FACTS Designs - great student-centered lessons developed by students in EDTC 6341 - Student-Centered Learning.


Student Blogs

Student Wiki Book






Social Media Boot Camp


For students and Alumni caught doing good GREAT!! click here








diigo education pioneer



About me - how I got here. . .


Book page


Contests and Grants - look here for goodies!

The new Big Deal Book of Grants

Samsung Superhero Contest Seeks History-themed Student Videos - deadline March 31/good prizes

Funding Factory has launched the Recycling Rumble, an annual competition that encourages schools to recycle more empty printer cartridges and small electronics than their competitors.

GRANT links


Great New Articles


Loading http://www.google.com/reader/public/atom/user%2F14227232416104152192%2Fbundle%2FEducation%20Blogs…


The new Big Deal Book is out with information about grants, resources and cool offers. The Big Deal of Technology Newsletter Archive can be found here. Sign up to receive the twice a month newsletter.


Click here for a variety of different online collaborative writing tools.



Positive/thought provoking videos for 
inservices and training.


Archive of past Movies of the Month.


You can take a tour of this website to see some of the projects that students contribute to the wiki. To find projects, look in course portals.

APPLY ONLINE for the MTT program at UT - Brownsville


Information about the MTT program here.


Master Technology Teacher RESOURCES

 Get ready to be a Super MTT by using the study guide resources below:


How to add to the study guide resources




Avoid this:

Register Early for the MTT Test. See below.

MTT Test Information - click here for the latest information on the MTT test dates and registering for the test.


Take a look at all the Google things that are out there.


Scroll down and take a look at this Month's videos. Worth taking a break for.


Yep, The Butler Did It Site of The Day


RSS Feeds of Education Blogs


Loading http://www.ictineducation.org/home-page/rss.xml…


Please take the survey on Web 2.0 Apps today.

Movie(s) of the Month

Archived Movies

This month - two very different movies are available for you to peruse. One on the science of motivation (great for summer enlightenment) and one music video - you will really enjoy the style of the second video.


This is an interesting music video - great visuals, awesome to view. Look for at least a little while.

PLAN OF THE CITY from Joshua Frankel on Vimeo.


Behind the scenes for me

Faculty/Student Log

Mileage Log

Working Page



Presentation -Research

Sensory Literacy ppt - Sensory Literacy Handout

Junior Colleges

SERA Presentation

SERA Paper

Dr. Telese's TRC Math





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