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2014 6340 Week 6 Part 2

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Week 6   (Summer 2C)   Part 2  EDTC 6340 Special Topics

Session Plan and Activities

Continuation from Part 1.


Please read the articles before class on Tuesday.

  • Week 6 Materials - this page
Meeting this week.
Due this Week

Continued: The actions you need to complete this week as well as directions for each activity follow.

State of Online Learning in K-12 in Texas

The State of Texas has been an active supporter of virtual education in K-12, forming the Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) in 2007 "to provide Texas students with equitable access to quality, online courses" (TEA, n.d.).  Please review this brief article about the TxVSN.  Please note the following requirements for teaching online in the state of Texas: "TxVSN courses are taught by teachers who are Texas-certified in the content area and grade level of the course or meet the credentialing requirements of the associated institution of higher education and are trained in best practices in delivering online instruction" (TEA, n.d.).


What are the characteristics of classes offered through the TxVSN? Please view this movie about the TxVSN to get a better idea of online learning in Texas.  More information about  the TxVSN can be found on their site: http://www.txvsn.org/portal/  Please take the time to scan the information available about this organization. 


The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

iNACOL works to ensure that all students are able to earn a high-quality education through effective blended and online learning. TxVSN requires that institutions who prepare the online learning in Texas meet iNACOL standards. The website for iNACOL will provide more information about the standards they recommend.  Please look over the materials from their website before meeting in Collaborate.



Set up a basic SlideShare account. We will be using it in Collaborate.  It is pretty fast to set up so try to do this before class.


The rough story is included in the SlideShare presentation below. We will work together in Collaborate to develop one presentation per group. Please familiarize yourself with the materials before class, but you DO NOT have to work on it before class. This will be a group project.



Chapter Review

Read the next chapter of your textbook and provide a very brief summary of the chapter on your wiki. 


Update your Copyright PowerPoint Presentation

Now that you studied the first three chapters of the textbook, I want you to apply what you have learned. In my experience, those teachers who have worked through the text and apply the concepts are able to build powerful presentations. This week you are going to take what you have learned thus far and re-do your presentation for the first time. Once you have remodeled your original PPT, then write a 2-3 sentence explanation of what you changed. Upload this second PPT to your wiki in the appropriate week.


While this might seem like an easy week for you - you have all been quite busy thus far. I want you to take this week to really reflect on what you have learned and to really focus on preparing an improved PowerPoint.  I look forward to seeing what you all create!


Rubric for PPT Presentation

CATEGORY 10 7 5 2
Background Background does not distract from text or other graphics. Choice of background is consistent from slide to slide and is appropriate for the topic. The background does not become the focus of any slide (A choice of a "cool" theme does not override content). Background does not distract from text or other graphics. Choice of background is consistent from slide to slide. Background does not detract from text or other graphics. Background makes it difficult to see text or competes with other graphics on the page.
Use of Graphics All graphics are high quality, attractive (size, colors, clarity) and support the theme/content of the presentation. Graphics are large and easy to see and clearly connected to the topic of the slide. Some graphics are fuzzy or pixelated but all support the theme/content of the slide. All graphics are attractive but a few do not seem to support the theme/content of the presentation. Several graphics are unattractive AND distract from the content of the presentation.
Text - Font Choice & Formatting Font formats (e.g., color, face, size) have been carefully planned to enhance readability and content. Font formats have been carefully planned to enhance readability but may be missing critical component such as size or face. Font formatting has been carefully planned to complement the content. It may be hard to read. Font formatting makes it very difficult to read the material.
Text Content Text limited to the necessary key words with no extra verbiage. Some slides included too much text. Most slides contained too much text. All slides contained too much text.
Attribution All graphics and text contained attribution. Most graphics and text contained attribution. Some graphics and text contained attribution. No graphics and text contained attribution.
Colors Background and text color provide high contrast and follow principles of color. Background and text provide high contrast but did not follow principles of color. Background and text provided minimal contrast but could be read. Selection of background and color made it impossible to read.
CATEGORY 15 10 5 0
Summary Support Detailed defense of changes to the presentation based on Chapters 1-3. Some defense of the changes. Little defense of changes. No defense of changes.



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